About Prairie Provident

Prairie Provident is a Calgary-based public company engaged in the exploration and development of oil and natural gas with conventional operations primarily focused in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin in Alberta.

The company maintains a high working interest in a well-balanced portfolio of oil and gas properties. The assets consist of attractively priced light and medium oil with associated natural gas. Prairie Provident’s areas of focus are primarily at its Wheatland and Princess properties in Southern Alberta and its Evi area located in the Peace River Arch area of Northern Alberta.

Prairie Provident trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker PPR.

Community Involvement

Prairie Provident approaches stakeholder engagement as an open, flexible, and ongoing process.  When working with landowners, municipalities, interest groups and Aboriginal communities, we recognize each group has its own unique culture and circumstances; and therefore, its own process preferences.

Prairie Provident believes in building mutually beneficial relationships through understanding, respect and cooperation.  Our commitments to Aboriginal communities include respecting rights, interests, and knowledge by seeking their views and input, as well as developing and maintaining effective communication.  The knowledge and experience that Aboriginal communities share with Prairie Provident help us better understand the surroundings and the possible effect of our activities on them.